Thursday, October 21, 2010

"kim heechul, number 1 on the worldwide Twitter trending list"

Super Junior’s Heechul took the number one spot on the website Twitter on the worldwide trending list.

If you open up the Twitter search window main page, you will be able to immediately find Kim Heechul’s name written in English at the very top of the list. Because the name rises up as it is searched more, it means that the entire world is searching up Kim Heechul’s name.

On the Twitter trending list is not only Kim Heechul’s name; there are also his cats, Heebum and Baengsin, because through selcas with Heechul they have been made known world-wide. The ‘steamed bun’ that was put out in English is slowly rising on the charts as well.

Kim Heechul’s popularity has even reached the other side of the world. The Huffington Post introduces him as ‘South Korea’s Justin Bieber’, in order to showcase how shocking Kim Heechul’s popularity actually is.

Adding on the fact that Heechul’s many fans in China are blocked from using Twitter, Heechul’s popularity is not something to underestimate.

On another note, Heechul’s follower count has reached 240 299 people on the 12th of October. Kim Heechul might have realized that he has many overseas followers as well, as he has recently started to tweet in English.

Original Source: Newsen

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